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A short update of the construction of the new Feed Mill of Fuite BV - Genemuiden. #workinprogress pic.twitter.com/2IMEqUZDOh 3 weken geleden



High Efficiency Hammer mill HE

100 years of experience and innovation have led to the development of a wide range of high efficiency hammer mills. The GHM series are equipped with adjustable breaker plates which can be positioned vertically according to the direction of rotation. Placing the breaker plates at two different positions create an asymmetric formed grinding chamber. This results in a remarkable increase in impact forces thus less wear on the screens and a smooth flow of product through the grinding chamber.

In combination with an Ottevanger HE feeder fully automatic load control is possible on these hammer mills.


  • designed for dual direction of rotation
  • electro pneumatic operated product guide valve
  • adjustable breaker plates
  • built on heavy base frame with shock absorbers
  • precisely balanced rotor guarantees a long service life
  • 6 or 8 rows of hammers
  • suitable for frequency control

High Efficiency Line

The development of our new High Efficiency line (HE) concentrated not only on higher performances and a more hygienic design but also lower energy consumption. The new HE line gives excellent access to all maintenance areas.

With this HE line Wynveen is making a new step forward.

High Efficiency features Hammer mill

  • new ergonomic rotor design (easy to replace hammers)
  • completely Atex certified
  • energy-efficient motor
  • new hygienic design
  • easy maintenance access
  • screen damage control (SDC) system

High Efficiency features Feeder

  • new hygienic design
  • easier to clean and service
  • easy maintenance access
  • adjustable separation of foreign objects
  • reduced noise level