The history of Wynveen International B.V. dates back to two brothers who sold millstones in 1795. In 1945, with the growth of the Dutch agricultural industry, Wynveen International started to dominate in the manufacture of animal feed mills. We are proud to say that Wynveen was responsible for installing many animal feed mills which are still operating in the Netherlands today.

One of the core products in the Wynveen range is the “Cryloc rotary sifter”. Approximately 3,000 Wynveen Cryloc sifters are in use worldwide.

Wynveen International B.V. is based at Heteren in the Netherlands. All the primary functions of Wynveen International BV, including sales, engineering, manufacturing, servicing, R&D, testing and administration, are based here. Since 2005 the company has been part of the Triott Group.