Animal Feed

In the production of animal feed, it is important to take into account the digestibility and particle size of the feed. Each animal species consumes and processes feed in a different way. The animal feed should be perfectly adapted to the specific type of livestock and their stage in live. This challenges the nutritionist to formulate recipes that make sure the final feed compound contains all the right nutrients in the desired quantities. This allows it to be easily digestible.

Safe animal feed is important for the health of animals, the environment and for the safety of foods of animal origin. We as humans eat a lot of food coming from animals, so making sure animals consume healthy food has advantages for ourselves as well.


Wynveen International and Animal Feed

Wynveen International has years of experience in the animal feed industry and we offer a wide range of solutions specifically designed for this industry.

We produce high quality machines like hammer mills, paddle mixers, sifters and crumblers to ensure the best animal feed. Our machines are constantly optimized so you can benefit from higher yields, lower energy consumption, lower maintenance requirements etcetera.

Our solutions are made for a wide range of animal feed, such as:

  • Poultry (layer hens, broilers, turkeys, etc.)
  • Ruminants (cattle, goats, sheep, etc.)
  • Monogastric animals (horses, pigs, rabbits etc.)
  • Aquatic species (fish, shrimps, etc)