Fourth Feed plant for Gebr. Fuite

The Fuite family’s sought collaboration with Wynveen International once more for the realisation of their fourth compound feed factory. The latest compound feed factory, located opposite the current production site in Genemuiden, was designed for the production of 15 ton of Pellets and 6 ton flakes per hour.

Start of construction
At the end of 2016, the factory’s foundation was laid. A special technique was used for the foundation, whereby Vroom Funderingstechnieken twisted a DPA screw post into the ground. This technique has the advantage that no soil is released and it is also vibration-free, so that nearby neighbours were not inconvenienced.

Maximum storage capacity
Early in 2017, construction of a silo block consisting of 53 dosing silo cells, 3 cleaning silo cells and 22 premix silo cells started. In addition to the storage function, the modular construction of the square silos also has an immediate load-bearing function, since the machine floors, stairs and wall cladding are all included in the steel calculation. Two silo blocks are intended for the storage of various raw materials and premixes. The third silo block is used for loading storage. Using square silos has generated 25% more storage capacity compared with round silos for Gebroeders Fuite b.v. In addition to having flexible storage and perfect drainage options, the silos are also extremely hygienic and dust-proof because the precise silo parts are connected to each other using bolts and nuts.

Machine tower
In order to achieve the desired capacity, the machine tower is divided into a milling, mixing, and pressing line and a flaking line. The milling, mixing, and pressing line includes a highly efficient Wynveen GHM 1000 hammer mill, a Wynveen single-shaft paddle mixer and a double pressing line. In addition, there is also a specific flaking line.

Both production lines lead to a fully automated mobile mixer, which ensures the supply to the loading corridor.

During the engineering phase, the possibility of adding an additional milling, mixing, and pressing line was taken into account with a view to possible expansion plans.


Connecting Bridge & Transport
The new and existing factories are connected to each other by a 39-meter long bridge. This bridge provides the option to transport raw materials from the ship to the new factory via factory number three.

The entire transport process, from intake to bulk truck loading, takes place by means of various transporters including various screws, chains and pneumatic transports.

Safety first
During the construction of the factory, all necessary measures were taken to make the factory fully ATEX-proof.  The motors of all the machines are manufactured according to all ATEX guidelines, in addition to which various filters are applied to protect against explosion hazards.

Work on the factory is in its final phase. The new plant is expected to be officially opened mid 2018.