With the production of petfood we focus on feeds for animals with a high emotional value. Every owner wants the best quality feed for their beloved pets. Quality petfood should be both tasty and healthy. This can only be achieved by using high-performance technology and solutions.

Making sure the feed components are balanced and processed correctly is essential to the quality of the final product. Other areas that are important for producing quality petfood are:

  • Precise feed composition
  • Highly consistent pellet quality regarding size, shape, surface, color, and density
  • Highly consistent pellet absorption and retainability of liquid fat and digest ingredients
  • Consistent and uniform pellet dryness
  • Processing with careful attention to protection of essential nutrients
  • Optimization of energy consumption


Wynveen International and Petfood

Our machines produce petfood with very high precision. Whether it’s size, shape or moisture, all are in exact compliance with the customer’s wishes and preferences. Following the drying process, colorings and flavorings as well as powdered components of every variety can be added as required.

Wynveen solutions and machines enable you to execute your production processes while focusing on the customer, cost-efficiency, and the desired standard of quality and hygiene. We offer complete systems and the integration of individual process steps customized to your specific preferences.