Continuous Coaters

Wynveen International B.V.’s continuous coaters are specially designed for adding and mixing liquids uniformly to pellets and extrudates.

Liquids are dosed through several spray heads to produce gradual mixing of the liquids and dry product. The cylinder of the continuous coaters, made from stainless steel or st 37 steel, has a 50 mm thick insulation layer with an external jacket. The heating elements in this jacket produce temperatures which promote moisture absorption and prevent contamination of the cylinder. Large hinged inspection hatches along the entire length provide easy access to the coater interior.

As well as oil and/or fat, it is possible to add vitamins, enzymes, etc. in small quantities. Dosing systems can be supplied for these substances but these are highly product-specific. After the coating process, a crumbler can be used.


  • Low power consumption
  • In stainless or mild steel execution
  • Large doors enabling easy inspection/cleaning
  • Rigid construction
  • Variable heating system with insulated jacket
  • Low rate of wear
  • Multiple spraying section (optional)
  • Spray box capable of dosing multiple liquids
  • The liquids are sprayed on an even flow of product

Range of Continuous coaters

Type Capacity(tph) Drive(kW) Inspection doors
250 1-3 1,5 2x
450 10-15 2,2 3x
600 20-25 3 4x
750 30-40 5,5 2x