Wynveen continues to support its clients following delivery of the project. We can train your staff in how to operate the installations, either in the Netherlands or on site.

We also have a highly efficient system for supplying spare parts and, if necessary, one of our engineers will visit your site to provide support.

Any questions you may have about your installation or equipment will be passed quickly and efficiently to the right person who will provide you with the information you need. Wynveen International B.V. can supply spare parts for your machines within very short timeframes, both nationally and internationally.


Wynveen support & customer services

  • Focus on minimum downtime of installation
  • Set up service level- and maintenance management program
  • Periodical audit of installation
  • Control of cost of ownership
  • Supply of original quality parts
  • Global placement of equipment or spare parts
  • Extensive network of agents and engineers

Tel.:          +31 (0)26 479 06 99