Introducing our QHE (Quick Hammer Exchange) System

Replacing your worn hammers has never been easier

We proudly introduce our great new addition to the Hammer Mills GHM; the QHE system (Quick Hammer Exchange). In order to maintain the highest quality feed, replacing the worn hammers on a regular basis is essential. Replacing these hammers used to be a time consuming, two man job. This led to us looking into a quicker and more efficient solution and resulted in the development of  the QHE system. This new system makes it a lot easier to gain access to the hammers. Replacing the hammers is therefore no longer a two man job but can be done by one person.

For all the technical details, you can find the factsheet here.

Here below you can find a video that shows exactly how the system works and why it will be a great addition to your Hammer Mill GHM.


  • Replacing hammers takes less time
  • Instead of two people, you now just need 1 person to replace the hammers
  • Easy access to the hammers makes it a lot more user friendly